Who we are and what we do

Our goal is to design and provide AV systems to our clients that suite their lifestyle, budget and enhance their enjoyment of Music, Movies, Sports and TV.

Audio Visual Entertainment is a company based in Dubai with over 14 years experience in the AV industry.

Our goal is simple, to provide any client a solution with the advantage of dealing with a group of people that understand that what the client wants is the only thing that matters.

We pride ourselves on the ability to create a relationship whit all our clients where they know we have their best interest at

The residential AV market place is constantly evolving and keeping up with market trends and new technologies is key to our business so that we can offer simple to use and fantastic to enjoy systems.

No matter how complicated a system may be behind the scenes it needs to be simple and easy enough for a child to use.

We offer a custom user interface with all our remote controls and automation systems tailored to each individual client and the final end user, our systems are designed and work so well that we have never needed to explain how they work.

If you entertain at home, either by yourself or with guests, we can offer a you a solution to get the most out of your media of choice.

Our core values



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