All you need to create real cinema atmosphere at home…

Superior quality “Made in Germany” for fantastic home cinema images

IMAGE offers the perfect screen for any thinkable purpose. If you want to install a dedicated home cinema, the handmade fixed framed “Cadre series” screens should be the products of your choice. They can be also delivered as a maskable version – the “Cadre masque series” brings all the advantages of maskability into the product category of fixed framed screens with a unique and simple-to-use construction.

DAVISION motorized screens combine optimum home cinema performance with minimum disturbance of your home environment during the daytime and transform your living room into a real home cinema at the push of button. They can be delivered in a broad variety of models – with or without tension systems, with electric masking functions or manually operated.

IMAGE offers also a broad variety of award-winning screen materials like the “Nivo Black” screen fabric, known for it’s perfect white uniformity, contrast and color reproduction. The brand new, acoustically transparent “Vevo Acoustic” allows to place the main speakers of your home cinema behind the screen so that they are not visible any more.

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