INNOVATIVE SYNTHESIS LOUDSPEAKER SYSTEMS take control of your emotions and never let go. For 60 years, JBL, Inc., has been the leading manufacturer of professional loudspeakers for recording artists and touring musicians, and, in a close collaboration with Lucasfilm® engineers, developed the underlying THX technologies, which set a new standard of realism in movie sound. JBL Synthesis loudspeaker systems represent, well, a synthesis of everything learned over the years about the precise reproduction of recorded sound. With horn-loaded compression drivers (an essential of cinema sound rarely heard in consumer systems), wide-dispersion titanium tweeters and high-definition crossover networks, Synthesis loudspeakers are among the most powerful and capable instruments ever to be used in home entertainment applications.

COMPRESSION DRIVERS. The Concorde may be retired, but supersonic performance lives on. Synthesis loudspeakers use advanced beryllium compression drivers capable of reproducing frequencies above 50kHz, delivering supersonic nuances that have gone unheard until now. Synthesis drivers are quick enough to accurately reproduce any movie soundtrack or musical source in exquisite detail.

HORNS. In Hollywood, everyone hopes to direct someday. Synthesis Bi-Radial® horns (a patented JBL exclusive) achieve constant directivity, smoothly delivering midrange and high frequencies over a wider listening area, for an astonishingly clear, uncolored sound.

PERFECT (AND PERFECTLY LEGAL) HIGHS. Reproducing high frequencies accurately at high listening levels requires extremely light, extremely fast and extremely rigid transducer domes. Synthesis systems use puretitanium- dome tweeters for pure, distortion-free treble.

RARE-EARTH AND OTHER UNCOMMON MAGNETS. Synthesis loudspeakers employ highly efficient magnetic circuits, built around neodymium and alnico magnets, to generate a high level of constant magnetic-flux density across the voice-coil gap of the transducers.

HIGH-DEFINITION SOUND. Synthesis loudspeakers use unique JBL low-distortion Charge-Coupled Linear Definition™ crossover networks to distribute specific frequencies to each driver, minimizing phase shifts for optimal system performance and imaging, and eliminating crossover distortion.

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