The second of 3 completed projects in the Al Barari villas started as the conversion of the basement into a deadicated home theatre.

After the success of the cinema the client employed us to add extra systems into the main living room, master bedroom and add a Sonos music system, (as we had done for their Neighbour) to the in house music system and garden.

The cinema consists of a 7.2 (7 main speakers and 2 subwoofers)

The main speakers are from Dali Mentor range with InWall Dali Ikon Phantom speakers for the surround sound effects.

A 3m x 1.7m Hi Def Grey screen from Image Screens with a gain of only 0.3 allows for the use of lighting while watching a film and reproduces colors and flesh tones perfectly in combination with the Full HD Optoma projector.

Rotel amps and processors along with Cambridge Audio Azur Blu Ray players and Boxee Box media center complete the picture.

Before any of this work could be done however we had to add the wall panels, ceiling, complete with fiber optic star cluster, and a raised stage for the two tear seating.

Upstairs in the main living room we installed the Dali Fazon F5’s in Red with a Lyngdorf TDAI 2200 with “room perfect” room acoustic correction, combined with a Rotel CD player and Sonos ZP90 connect.

One nice feature of this system we added was by using the analogue output from the CD player (digital is used for the TDAI) as a line input to the Sonos Zp90 so that any CD that is being played in the living room can be listened to in any other zone of  the house or garden where we have a Sonos zone player.