The Largest project completed in 2011 was an A type villa in the Al Barari development in Dubai.

With 17 zones of music distribution and 7 video using a combination of Sonos, Kaleidescape, Dali Speakers, Denon, Integra & Nevo remotes.

We made use of the existing, yet out dated in house system that was supplied with the villa and created a simple easy to use elegant AV system that kept costs down and ticked all the boxes on the client brief.

Each room has an iPod docking station that any member of the house can listen to and control from any room.

So the client can leave their iPod in the office and then enjoy the music in the garden and or kitchen, living room etc…

There is a grand piano in the center of the villa and this can also be listened to as a source of music from any room.

The Kaleidescape  movie and music 8TB server system, complete with Blu Ray Disc loader can stream any movie or CD to any room in the villa that has one of either the M500 or M300 players.

The M500 players come with a disc drive for loading & playing back any type of disc and can be used as a stand alone player if you do not want to upload the content onto the server.

In the main living room we installed a 7.1 home cinema system using the Dali Fazon F5’s in high gloss white and for the surround sound speakers we use the square in ceiling Dali  Phantom, we also use the same in ceiling speakers in formal living (music only zone) as they matched the square design of the ceiling.

In the basement we use the on wall Dali Mentor LCR speakers along with a 64″ Full HD Samsung Plasma TV.

In all of the bedrooms the TV’s are wall mounted with all the AV items (Kaleidescape players/Set top boxes etc) hidden from sight in cabinets.

All items are controlled with a Nevo S70 touch screen remote wirelessly with no line of sight requied.