The goal of a home cinema or “home theatre” is to create a real suspension of disbelief so that the audience member is totally immersed in the movie.

At AVE our goal is to design and supply high performance home cinemas to suit our clients budgets and families life style.

A home cinema by AVE is designed to be the most popular room in the home, the room that every member of the family no matter how young or old will choose to go to, not only to watch a movie but also TV, sports and to play games.

The control system will be easy to use and will no need an instruction manual just to switch the TV on, we use Savant systems for our home automation solutions and we are a certified partner trained to provide the best service Savant expects from it’s dealers across the world.

We design our solution for individuals & your our design ideas no matter how unusual will be a welcome addition to our expertise, as we love to create new and interesting cinemas, see here for design inspiration.

A home cinema by AVE can be classic in it’s design or a modern themed cinema room.

No two AVE cinemas are ever the same, we tailor all our services for each individual clients desires.

A properly designed home cinema is a real art and every details no matter how small is scientifically planned and thought out so that all seats in the cinema get the optimum combination of Audio & Video experience.

Proper room acoustics combined with acoustically transparent cinema screens, home theatre seating and the correct lighting all come together to complete the “gold class” at home movie night experience.

We offer the latest in 4K, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D & THX certified products and solutions.

We only use the best brands and products that we know have been designed to work well together, so that we can provide our clients with a solution that they will love for years to come and that we are proud to call an AVE designed home cinema.