Our goal is to provide solutions to our clients that enhance their enjoyment of movies, music, sport and TV.
With a multi room music solutions from companies like Sonos combined with Dali’s world-class speakers we can offer music in every room that you are more than happy to listen to, no matter the room that you are in, bedroom, bathroom, garden or your main living room. Our focus is on quality audio and video, it should not matter which room you are in, you should be able to enjoy your media to the fullest where ever you want it.


Dedicated home cinemas can convert rooms and basements into a “Gold Class” cinema at home.

With intelligent lighting control, fiber optic ceilings combined with Full HD projectors and hand made screens from Image Screens in Germany all you need to add is popcorn.

What ever the room no matter how large or small we have a solution to enhance the things you love the most in life.

It’s time to get out the old CD & Movie collections that you haven’t heard or seen in years and enjoy them all over again in ways you didn’t think you could.

With a good quality sound system you’ll hear things in that track you love so much that you have never heard before and with a perfectly calibrated HD screen or projector those iconic movie scenes you love will immerse you even more.

“I have been listening to Pink Floyd all my life and now have to listen to all the CD’s again as they are all like new songs thanks to your system, I heard things that I had never heard before.” Andrew Bannister owner of Dali Fazon LCR speaker system.